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Foot massage

It has been used for more than 3000 years with great success.

The sole is the map of the human body.

The principle of the foot massage is that every organ of the body is connected to different parts of the sole. They are not connected by nerves but by energy lines. Through them the organs can be stimulated or soothed by massaging these points. Malfunctioning of a given organ can be deduced if pain is felt during pressure. Foot massage stimulates the activity of organs. It prevents and cures illnesses (like headache, stress, exhaustion, asthma, constipation, migraine.) Massage balances the activity of blood circulation and lymph flow, improves the condition and stamina. Massage detoxicates, contributes to the breakdown of excreta and toxins, and intensifies the defense system of the body. It rejuvenates, helps to live a longer life. It can be used by any age group. It does not have any side-effects.


Traditional Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage basically differs from the methods used in Europe. The massage therapist projects pressure on acupunctural points along the energy lines. The masseuse does not only uses her hands but also her forearms, legs and knees as well, which makes the choreography of the massage so unique which is great for stretching different body parts. Thai massage is similar to the experience when you do yoga exercises without using physical force. Projecting pressure on energy points stimulates the activity of organs and balances the energy system of the body. Massage and stretching together lessen the tension of muscles and joints, increase the flexibility of the body and have a great effect on bones and the sympathetic nervous system. You move easier after massage, the rigidity of muscles stops, you feel your body flexible and your mind relaxed.


Herbal Massage

What is massage exactly? Massage is a mechanical and bioelectrical stimulus on the body with the aim of healing. It cures and prevents illnesses. It seems to be a luxury for many people, although it is an ancient method to cure corporal and mental problems. It has an effect on the mechanism of the whole of the body. It is individual, as it is tailored to one's character, biorhythm or problems.

The aim of the massage is to improve circulation and to relax the aching, tensed body parts.
It is effective in case of insomnia, great against stress. It can tense or relax muscles. It stimulates vital processes in the skin. It restores the flexibility of the skin which will not be wrinkled, will be smooth, and will regenerate. Thai massage has a great effect on musculature, the nervous system, one's internal organs, the production of some hormones, the activity of the digestive system and the metabolism as well. It helps the body detoxicate, eases the symptoms of several diseases.

Each of us needs the benefits of massage in our rushing, stressful lives.
This is one of the simplest and most natural way to prevent illnesses and to keep yourself fit, healthy and beautiful. If it is prescribed by doctors in a hospital, it is too late.

Its efficiency does not only depend on the professionalism of the masseuse, but on the comfortable environment and one's confidence in the massage therapist. These things together ensure the comfort needed to achieve total relaxation.
Massage will only be a unique experience if one is able to relax totally and the therapy is not disturbed by anything.
Some techniques do not only help in case of locomotor disorders, but mentally, as well. Massage eases the nerves, helps to relax and drive the patient's anxiety away. It is often used to kill pain in case of neuritis and neuralgia.
What is common in different massage techniques is that they cause effects locally in the massaged part and in the whole body at the same time. Hyperemia occurs in the massaged part, the skin gets more nutriment, toxins empty out faster, which enhances fortitude.
There are many kinds of massage, but each type has a common aim: to regenerate the body and the mind and to activate self-healing powers.
Every type of massage has its own philosophy and its own boundaries, but the great effects of massage are medically proven, so it is worth trying any type.


Aroma Oil Massage

A mixture of Thai and Western massage techniques. A massage with aroma oils chosen to harmonize with the client's mood and needs, used as a therapy. It has a good effect mainly on the blood circulation and musculature. It is advised for refreshing the body and mind, as a substitution of exercise, in case of locomotor disorders and to ease and cure pain (back, neck, spine, waist problems).
Aroma oils help to relax not only the body but the mind as well.
Aroma oil massage is very popular. It is the most effective if it is combined with the elements of Thai massage.


Cellulit Massage

Concentrated treatment of problem areas of the body (thighs, buttocks, possibly abdomen) with a special gel and massager will help to make the skin firmer, supple and smoother. Helps to circulate and break down fat cells.


Sport Massage

Anyone can use it. It is used to increase mobility, relax muscles, relieve muscle swelling, relieve pain, and restore full mobility during rehabilitation after injury.

It enhances performance and has a calming effect on the athlete.

Pre-Exercise Massage maintains peak muscle elasticity, reduces stiffness and increases load capacity. After exercise, it relieves muscle tension and removes lactic acid from the athlete's muscle fever.


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